Paul McGorrery


Reforming adjourned undertakings in Victoria: final report

This final report makes 26 recommendations for reforms to enhance the effectiveness of adjourned undertakings. These recommendations are the culmination of the Victorian Sentencing Advisory Council's extensive two-year review of adjourned undertakings and related orders in Victoria.
Discussion paper

Reforming sentence deferrals in Victoria: consultation paper

The Victorian Sentencing Advisory Council is seeking submissions on the questions posed in this consultation paper. The Council intends to use submissions, and the results of consultations, to make recommendations about the use of sentence deferral in Victoria.

Long-term sentencing trends in Victoria

This report reviews 20 years of data in the Council's 'Sentencing Snapshots' to identify changes in sentencing practices in the higher courts for a select number of offences.
Discussion paper

Reforming adjourned undertakings in Victoria: consultation paper

The purpose of this consultation paper is to consider potential options for increasing and improving the use of adjourned undertakings in Victoria.

Should media coverage affect sentencing?

This report explores the approaches of Australian sentencing courts towards adverse media coverage and the significant consequences it can have for offenders. It reveals why and when media coverage might be a relevant sentencing consideration. The aim of the report is to draw attention to...