Dennis Byles


‘Crossover kids’: vulnerable children in the youth justice system

The Sentencing Advisory Council has released this second report on ‘crossover kids’, children who have had contact with both the child protection system and the youth justice system. The report finds that the vast majority of children were known to child protection before they committed...

Serious offending by people serving a Community Correction Order: 2017–18

In this report, the Council examines the number of people sentenced in 2017–18 for committing a serious offence while serving a community correction order. The report fulfils a requirement under the Corrections Act 1986 (Vic) for the Council to report annually on convictions for serious...

Sentence appeals in Victoria: second statistical research report

In this second statistical report on sentence appeals in Victoria, the Council identifies all cases originally sentenced in the County Court and the Supreme Court between 1 July 2013 and 30 June 2014 and describes the outcomes for those cases in which the sentence was...

Guilty pleas in the higher courts: rates, timing, and discounts

Most people sentenced in the County Court and the Supreme Court of Victoria plead guilty, and their guilty plea results in a reduced sentence, according to this report.

Changes to sentencing practice: young adult offenders

This report examines the effect on young adult offenders of recent changes to sentencing options in Victoria. In particular, the analysis shows an increase in the use of the community correction order, a sentencing option introduced in Victoria in 2012. Introduction 1.1 This report examines...