Stephen Duckett

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Stephen J. Duckett

Rethinking aged care: emphasising the rights of older Australians

Australia’s aged care system is failing older Australians and their families and needs to be overhauled. The care and support of older Australians must trump the profits of private providers. This report sets the overarching framework for reform.

Go for zero: how Australia can get to zero COVID-19 cases

This report outlines the health, social, and economic costs associated with three different scenarios: widespread COVID-19 infections, lockdowns, and low-level community transmission. It argues that Australia can minimise the costs to the community over time by taking steps to drive active COVID-19 cases down to...

The Recovery Book: what Australian governments should do now

This publication is a policy and strategy blueprint for federal, state and territory governments, including for hospitals and health care, schools and universities, roads and trains, budgets and energy.

Coming out of COVID-19 lockdown: the next steps for Australian health care

Australia has not yet won the battle against COVID-19, and coming out of lockdown risks a second wave of infections. Grattan Institute modelling shows that reopening shops, schools and workplaces heightens the risk of new infections, especially if people think the threat is over and...

Young people dropping private health hurts insurers most, not public hospitals

New private health insurance data show young people are continuing to drop their cover. But the industry's argument a youth exodus will put pressure on public hospitals isn't necessarily right.