Grattan Institute


Getting off gas: why, how, and who should pay?

Australians’ choice of gas or electricity for hot water and heating is influenced by regulation, circumstances, information, and personal preferences. Australia needs to get off natural gas if we are to have any hope of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, according to this report.

Short-changed: how to stop the exploitation of migrant workers in Australia

Recent migrants to Australia are twice as likely as long-term residents to be underpaid. This report outlines three sets of reforms that could be used to eliminate this form of exploitation.

Back in black? A menu of measures to repair the budget

The federal government needs to cut spending and raise taxes to rein in Australia’s structural budget deficit, according to this Grattan Institute report.

Super savings: practical policies for fairer superannuation and a stronger budget

Tax breaks on superannuation are excessively generous and should be wound back to help fix the budget, according to this report. The report shows that super tax breaks cost the budget $45 billion a year – or about 2 per cent of GDP – and...

How to implement a whole-school curriculum approach: a guide for principals

School principals can boost staff morale, enhance teaching quality, and lift student performance at their school by introducing a whole-school approach to curriculum planning. This guide is designed to help principals make this transformation.