Grattan Institute


Fuelling budget repair: how to reform fuel taxes for business

The $8 billion a year in fuel tax credits given to businesses should be cut in half, to help repair the budget and reduce carbon emissions, according to this Grattan Institute report.

Tackling under-achievement: why Australia should embed high-quality small-group tuition in schools

The authors of this report argue that high-quality, small-group tuition should be embedded in all Australian schools, as part of a national drive to close the learning gap between struggling and high-achieving students.

A new Medicare: strengthening general practice

This report calls for an overhaul of the way general practitioners work and get paid so Australia can turn the tide of chronic disease, keep more people out of hospital, and ensure poorer Australians get the care they need when they need it.

Ending the lesson lottery: how to improve curriculum planning in schools

A Grattan Institute survey of over 2000 teachers and school leaders across Australia, conducted for this report, finds that only 15 per cent of teachers have access to a common bank of high-quality curriculum materials for all their classes. Even more troubling, teachers in disadvantaged...

New politics: depoliticising taxpayer-funded advertising

This report finds that abuse of taxpayer-funded advertising is rife in Australia, with governments routinely spending public money to spruik their own achievements, especially in the lead up to elections.