Kate Griffiths


Grattan Institute submission to inquiry into nationhood, national identity, and democracy

In Australia, trust in government is at an all-time low. The are many causes of declining trust. Globalisation and cultural anxiety are part of the story, as is the changing media landscape. But the actions and inactions of politicians are also part of the problem...

Generation gap: ensuring a fair go for younger Australians

The report identifies policy settings that have contributed to differences in outcomes across generations in Australia. It looks ahead to what an ageing population might mean for the economic future of today’s young.
Working paper

Budget blues: why the Stage 3 income tax cuts should wait

This paper argues that the economy is softening, the budget position is uncertain, and calls for the Morrison Government to use fiscal policy to stimulate the economy are growing. Tax cuts now could provide that stimulus, but there are big risks from locking in major...

Your income tax questions answered in three easy charts: Labor and Coalition proposals side by side

Despite the hype, the personal income tax system will look pretty similar for the next three years regardless of which party wins office.

How federal politicians can regain their integrity

Australians are losing faith in politicians, politics and even democracy itself — and is it any wonder? Another day, another political scandal. Today it’s One Nation caught apparently soliciting donations from the American gun lobby. What will it be tomorrow?