Brendan Coates


The Recovery Book: what Australian governments should do now

This publication is a policy and strategy blueprint for federal, state and territory governments, including for hospitals and health care, schools and universities, roads and trains, budgets and energy.
Working paper

Shutdown: estimating the COVID-19 employment shock

Australia’s governments are rightly spending record amounts trying to cushion Australian workers and businesses from the worst impacts of this unprecedented crisis. This paper shows that the economic shock from COVID-19 is going to be so big that more support will be needed.
Working paper

No free lunch: higher superannuation means lower wages

This working paper uses administrative data on 80,000 federal workplace agreements made between 1991 and 2018 to show that about 80 per cent of the cost of increases in super is passed to workers through lower wage rises within the life of an enterprise agreement...

Lessons from the National Rental Affordability Scheme

This presentation to the University of NSW Social Policy Conference in Sydney identifies better ways for governments to help poorer Australians into housing: fund social housing directly; boost Commonwealth Rent Assistance by 40 per cent and index it to low-income rents; increase supply to make...
Position paper

Commonwealth Orange Book 2019: policy priorities for the federal government

This report rates Australia’s performance against similar countries and proposes policy reforms for schools and universities, hospitals and housing, roads and railways, cities and regions, budgets and taxes, retirement incomes, and climate change.