James Gillespie

Alternate Name:
Jim Gillispie

My Health Record: the case for opting in

The My Health Record (MHR) system promises to make Australia a leader in providing citizens with access to their own health records.

Implementing system-wide risk stratification approaches: a review of critical success and failure factors

This review focused on the implementation of risk stratification tools. It found that the use of risk stratification tools in combination with a care management plan can improve patient outcomes. The use of risk stratification tools to determine components of a care management plan can...
Briefing paper

Public problems: private solutions? Short-term contracting of inpatient hospital care

This briefing looks at contracting private hospitals to treat public patients how contracting arrangements are developed, what works and doesn't, and what changes to policy and practice have been made over time.
Journal article

Navigating public health chemicals policy in Australia: a policy maker’s and practitioner’s guide

Chemicals are ubiquitous in everyday life. Environmental health practitioners rely on a complex web of regulators and policy bodies to ensure the protection of public health, yet few understand the full extent of this web. A lack of understanding can hamper public health response and...

The Gillard health program: reform without change

Markets and demand are transforming the health system but the policy debate isn't catching up, writes James Gillespie.