Jeffrey Braithwaite


The voice of Australian health consumers

This survey report outlines what Australian consumers think about their health system’s performance before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Journal article

The Australian health system response to COVID-19 from a resilient health care perspective: what have we learned?

As of late 2020, Australia’s response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has been relatively successful in comparison with responses in Northern Europe and the US – but what have we learned?

Qualitative research in healthcare: modern methods, clear translation - a white paper

This resource aims to shine a light on how qualitative methods are being used in health services and medical research contexts, and how they might be used more effectively.
Literature review

Evidence check: healthcare performance reporting bodies

This Evidence Check review examined organisations that have a key role in healthcare performance measurement and reporting across developed economies. A total of 34 organisations from 12 countries were included in the analysis, with the aim of identifying trends in terms of mandates, functions, structure...
Briefing paper

Accreditation of health services: is it money and time well spent?

The research evidence shows that accreditation is a useful tool for stimulating improvements in the quality and safety of health services. Accreditation programs are deployed widely to monitor and promote safety and quality in healthcare. Governments, health service organisations and accreditation agencies have invested considerable...