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A road map for tackling out-of-pocket health care costs

The rapid growth in out-of-pocket (OOP) costs has undermined the universality of Medicare and the effectiveness of private health insurance. This paper offers a road map for tackling the problems associated with OOP costs through short- and long- term initiatives, backed by evidence and informed...

Patient-centred healthcare homes in Australia: towards successful implementation

In Australia we are faced with a complex health system with entrenched practices, multiple layers and stakeholders divided across Federal and State systems, which is also often hard to navigate for both patient and provider. The question we must address is how do we ensure...

2016-17 Budget Indigenous Affairs

The 2016-17 Budget presents a sad story about the level of commitment of the Turnbull Government to Indigenous Affairs. Even as the 2016 Prime Minister's Report on Closing the Gap shows progress towards this goal has stalled, addressing Indigenous disadvantage is not listed as a...
Discussion paper

A model for Australian general practice: the Australian person-centred medical home

This paper proposes a sustainable model of General Practice and primary health care at a time of significant primary health care reform and change. Within the context of the creation of Primary Health Networks (PHNs), the release of the National Review of Mental Health Programmes...

Analysis of the Federal health budget and related provisions 2015-16

The impacts of the 2015-16 Budget must be assessed in light of the previous Budget, which casts a long shadow. ACOSS estimates that, combined, the two budgets strip approximately $15 billion / 4 years from basic services and supports that affect low and middle income...