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Jennifer Doggett


What the sports rorts scandal reminds us about health spending

Politically motivated funding decisions are dwarfing the controversy that claimed a minister.

Three ways of looking at private health insurance

Hooked on subsidies, the system is failing. The government needs to move beyond its prejudices about public and private financing, writes Jennifer Doggett.

The personal and the political

Why do we find it so hard to direct mental health spending to the people who most need it?

Labor’s big-ticket risk-minimisation strategy

Would a Health Reform Commission give a Labor government the cover it needs to deal with powerful interest groups? Jennifer Doggett takes a look.
Discussion paper

A road map for tackling out-of-pocket health care costs

The rapid growth in out-of-pocket (OOP) costs has undermined the universality of Medicare and the effectiveness of private health insurance. This paper offers a road map for tackling the problems associated with OOP costs through short- and long- term initiatives, backed by evidence and informed...