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Andrew Wilson


National review of quarantine

This review report finds that Australia has had remarkable success in managing COVID-19. Our island nation status, early decisions to manage arrivals, and prompt and effective action by public health officials, together with widespread public cooperation, have been key to this success.
Journal article

Judicial intervention in alcohol regulation: an empirical legal analysis

This paper examines the role of court judgements on efforts in Australia to regulate the harmful use of alcohol.
Journal article

A new model of collaborative research: experiences from one of Australia’s NHMRC Partnership Centres for Better Health

There is often a disconnection between the creation of evidence and its use in policy and practice. Cross-sectoral, multidisciplinary partnership research, founded on shared governance and coproduction, is considered to be one of the most effective means of overcoming this research–policy–practice disconnect. Similar to a...
Journal article

Systems approaches for chronic disease prevention: sound logic and empirical evidence, but is this view shared outside of academia?

This research aimed to examine the convergence between the systems science literature and the views of those working in and advocating for prevention, in relation to the value of systems thinking and its methods for the prevention of chronic diseases.

Applying complex adaptive system thinking to Australian health care: expert commentary

This expert commentary has been commissioned to contribute to a series of consultation and discussion papers on its future vision for the Australian healthcare system. The report, addressed each question from the perspective of two broad approaches found in the literature; 1) ‘systems thinking approaches’...