Discussion paper

Pacific arts discussion paper 2012

New Zealand Pacific Area

This report looks into the current and future funding of the Arts in the Pacific Islands and New Zealand.
Part A of the paper begins with an overview of the Pacific arts in New Zealand today. Part B discusses how Creative New Zealand understands Pacific arts and the ways in which Creative New Zealand’s current funding programmes and initiatives support Pacific arts.
Part B concludes by identifying some of the government agencies and institutions with an interest in Pacific arts. In Part C we look at some opportunities and challenges that are faced by New Zealand’s Pacific arts, artists and audiences.
Throughout the paper we pose questions. Your answers to those questions and the feedback you provide will help us to identify:

Creative New Zealand’s roles and responsibilities in Pacific arts;
Creative New Zealand’s future arts development priorities for Pacific arts;
Those aspects of the infrastructure for Pacific arts that Creative New Zealand will fund arts organisations to maintain, develop or deliver over the next five years;
How Creative New Zealand’s various funding programmes and initiatives will support Pacific arts development over the next five years; and
Evaluation and performance measures to be applied when monitoring future Pacific arts development.

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