Learner wellbeing and behaviour

28 Aug 2012

The Learner wellbeing and behaviour policy pertains to learners, teachers, parents, schools and relevant staff and is concerned with the creation and maintenance of safe and inclusive learning environments in order to provide learners with the best opportunity to reach their potential. This policy is designed to support the Melbourne Declaration on Education Goals for Young Australians, the National Safe Schools Framework amd the Australian Curriculum (in particular the proposed Health and Physical Education Curriculum and the general capabilities-  social capabilities and ethical behaviours).

It is expected that early learning settings, schools and colleges offer safe, respectfuland inclusive learning environments that support the active learning and participation of all learners. This can be acheived in part by developing whole-school approaches to learner wellbeing, behaviour support and bullying. Schools must include details of their relevant approaches, policies and procedures within their School Improvement Plans.

Staff are required to explicitly model and promote socially acceptable and responsible values and behaviour, participate in whole school approaches and provide safe and inclusive learning environments. Parents, families and carers must ensure children are aware of and understand the requirements of policies and procedures relating to positive behaviour in early learning settings, school and colleges. Learners are expected to contribute positively to the ongoign development of safe and inclusive learning environments by following relevant school policies, procedures and guidelines.

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