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Music discussion paper 2013

18 Apr 2013

Creative New Zealand is seeking feedback and advice on how to can best support and develop New Zealand music and musicians for the next five years (2013-2017). 


Creative New Zealand consults regularly with the arts sector to ensure funding priorities, programmes and initiatives keep up with new arts practices and with New Zealand’s changing arts environment and demographics. We are currently reviewing how we can best support and develop music in New Zealand, and we are seeking feedback and advice on this.

The review covers Creative New Zealand’s roles and responsibilities for music, and our priorities for supporting the creation, presentation, and distribution of New Zealand music and for encouraging New Zealanders to participate in music. This discussion paper does not include:

• opera, which will be reviewed separately

• professional orchestras – these were the subject of a separate review by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage in 2011–13 (see page 20).


This discussion paper:

• introduces Creative New Zealand and our roles, and explains the key principles that guide our support for New Zealand music (see page 4 )

• summarises the key features of New Zealand’s music sector and the main activities that make up the sector (see page 6 ) • summarises the different sources of support for the music sector and its infrastructure (see page 1 0)

• sets out Creative New Zealand’s contribution to supporting the sector, and explains our specific approach to supporting the creation, presentation and distribution of New Zealand music, including New Zealanders’ participation in music (see page 1 3)

• includes detailed information about the music sector and about our own funding programmes in the Appendices at the end of the paper (see page 26).


The feedback you give in response to this discussion paper will help Creative New Zealand decide:

• our roles and responsibilities for New Zealand music

• what our development priorities should be for New Zealand music

• what parts of New Zealand’s music infrastructure we should fund selected music organisations to develop and maintain over the next five years

• how our various funding and other programmes will support New Zealand music and musicians over the next five years

Submissions close on 17 May 2013

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