Guess who's going to the gallery? Queensland report 2013

Australia Queensland

The research reveals that if you have 10 people standing in front of an artwork in a Queensland regional gallery, it is likely that:


  • Four of them will be tourists to the region.
  • Half of them will have been to that gallery more than four times in the last two years but for three of them it will be their first visit.
  • At least three of them will be aged between 35-54.
  • At least one of them will speak a language other than English at home.
  • Four of them will be from a household earning less than $40,000 pa and only two of them from a household earning more than $100,000 pa.
  • At least five of them will be working (full time or part time) and three will be retired.
  • Two of them will have a post-graduate degree and two of them will have finished their schooling at secondary level.
  • Two of them will have come with their partner, three of them by themselves, with the others coming with family and friends.
  • Almost all of them will have rated their visits as “Good” or Terrific”.



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