Maximising the impacts of your research: a handbook for social scientists

Higher education Great Britain
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The responsibility of researchers and academics is to think their research through carefully from the outset, p aying at least some attention to what ‘works’ in terms of reaching and influencin g other researchers or external audiences. Researchers need to construct a nd maintain a portfolio of projects that help them make a difference to their discipline. They also need to try to ensure that the social sciences make some fo rm of contribution to the wider social world and context in which the researc her is embedded.

This Handbook aims to help researchers achieve a more professional and focused approach to their research from the outset. It provides a large menu of sound and evidence-based advice and guidance on how to ensure that your work achieves its maximum visibility and influence with both academic and external audiences. As with any menu, readers need to pick and choose the elements that are relev ant for them. We provide detailed information on what constitutes good pract ice in expanding the impact of social science research. We also survey a wide range of new developments, new tools and new techniques that can help make sen se of a rapidly changing field.

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