The Jisc Repository is a publicly available digital archive of research and enterprise output produced by Jisc funded projects and other Jisc activities.


Developing a persistent identifier roadmap for open access to UK research

Persistent identifiers (PIDs) are a crucial technical component of the modern scholarly information system. The fact that PIDs are built to operate ‘between’ systems and to serve as linking structures gives them a special resonance in open research systems.

Research 4.0: interim report

This draft paper describes the progress of artificial intelligence (AI) through history and how it has led researchers to develop a range of techniques, including natural language programming and computer vision. It also examines these techniques and their practical application across different scientific fields, and...

What to keep: a Jisc research data study

The volume and diversity of research data is rapidly growing, posing questions and challenges concerning data retention. This report presents insights for institutions, research funders, researchers and others on what research data to keep and why.

Digital experience insights survey 2018: findings from Australian and New Zealand university students

This report offers leaders across the globe an opportunity to keep abreast with international trends on the student digital experience – an increasingly important aspect in a complex digital world where education is not bound by geographical borders.

The Value and Impact of Data Sharing and Curation A synthesis of three recent studies of UK research data centres

In the UK, substantial resources are being invested in the development and provision of services for the curation and long-term preservation of research data. It is a high priority area for a range of stakeholders, universities, researchers and research funders. There is strong interest in...