Research on young emerging arts practitioners for Creative New Zealand

30 Sep 2010

This research was designed to provide Creative New Zealand (CNZ), a department of the New Zealand government, with information about a group who are vital to the development of quality art in New Zealand – young emerging artists and practitioners (YEAP) .

The overall objective of the research was to develop a baseline picture of YEAP, including the environment in which they operate and the key issues and opportunities they face in developing their practice to a professional standard and in building a viable career in the arts. Findings from the research will enable CNZ to develop evidence-based policy that supports and encourages YEAP to contribute to the development of high quality New Zealand art.

Research findings will also in form CNZ's broader policy framework about young people and the arts in New Zealand that will seek to identify and analyse the ways in which young people interact with, or are exposed to the arts.

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