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The submarine choice: perspectives on Australia’s most complex defence project

9 Sep 2014

Presents a range of views on the reasoning behind, and the options for, what’s almost bound to be Australia’s most expensive and complex defence project - the replacement of the Collins class submarine fleet some time next decade.


In April this year ASPI staged a conference called The Submarine Choice. In this book you’ll find a summary of each of the talks that were given at the conference, and they contain a range of perspectives. As well, we’ve included some analytic insights from ASPI. Mark Thomson and Andrew Davies write on the complex suite of industrial options. Benjamin Schreer shares his thoughts on the role the Future Submarine might play in alliance operations with the United States. And, to show that Australia’s submarines will have to operate in an increasingly contested environment, Harry White presents a survey of regional submarine capabilities and plans. Interested readers can stay apprised through ASPI’s publications, including short pieces on our blog The Strategist, where we’ll present our perspectives on developments as they occur. To that end, we’ve included some recent blog pieces in this volume to help bring the story of the Future Submarine project up to date.

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