The national voice 2015

30 Jan 2015

Australian Writers' Guild presents its first quantitative analysis of new works that are commissioned, developed and produced by the Australian Theatre sector.

Introduction (adapted)

The Australian Writers’ Guild looks to Australia’s major theatre companies to lead the way in developing and producing the work of Australian playwrights in all its diversity and its many forms. To this end the Guild has developed this report and, in subsequent years, intends to release an annual account of programming across the nation.

The report provides a snapshot of who’s doing what each year and report on the general trends across programming, whilst making a series of observations highlighting the companies that are producing Australian plays. In this first report we have also chosen to make gender parity in programing a key focus.

Ninety Two shows have been surveyed across ten companies including the major state companies; Sydney Theatre Co, Melbourne Theatre Co, Queensland Theatre Co, The State Theatre Co of SA and Black Swan. Also included are Belvoir, Malthouse, Griffin, The Ensemble and La Boite.



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