Economic and Social Research Aotearoa


Budget 2020 report

In this report, the authors discuss the 2020 New Zealand Budget with a specific focus on welfare, migrant workers, housing and the future of work.

Taking the initiative in a time of crisis

Shannon Walsh discusses how another think-tank, the New Zealand Initiative, has been writing about the current economic crisis. Walsh argues that the steps proposed by the New Zealand Initiative are necessary, but they are far from sufficient if New Zealand is to create an economically...

Voter turnout decline and possibilities for the rejuvenation of politics

In this article, the authors address growing concerns around voter turnout decline and its consequences for the future of democracy in New Zealand.

New forms of political organisation

This volume collects innovative thinking about new forms of politics, new forms of political organisation and new ways of thinking politics.
Policy report

Why landlords and investors love the Auckland unitary plan, and why you shouldn't

Investigates the political and economic aspects of the Auckland Unitary Plan in the context of historical and contemporary processes of capitalist displacement of the poor and marginalised.