Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (NSW)

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Discussion paper

Competitive neutrality in NSW

Competitive neutrality policies currently require governments to account for the full cost of providing goods and services and make the value of any taxpayer subsidies explicit. This issues paper is the first stage in the review of NSW’s competitive neutrality policies and processes.
Draft report

Review of local government election costs: draft report

IPART is reviewing the amount the NSW Electoral Commission (NSWEC) can charge councils for administering local government elections in 2020. This draft report sets out their preliminary recommendations.
Discussion paper

Review of local government election costs: issues paper

The NSW Government has asked IPART to recommend a costing methodology to be applied in determining the amount the NSWEC charges councils for local government election services. This is the first time IPART has reviewed the cost of local government elections.

Rural water cost shares: final report

The NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal has reviewed how we share costs between rural water customers1 and the NSW Government (on behalf of other users and the broader community) when setting maximum prices for the Water Administration Ministerial Corporation’s (WAMC’s) water management services and...

Cost drivers of recent retail electricity prices for small NSW customers

Over the last ten years, Australia’s electricity supply industry has undergone significant changes. In addition to the deregulation of retail prices, NSW saw a significant rise in network investment during the early and middle parts of that ten-year period. Feed-in tariffs designed to encourage the...