House of Representatives Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport

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Sick and tired: casting a long shadow

A national long COVID and COVID-19 database is among the key recommendations in this report. Overall, the Committee makes nine recommendations aimed at strengthening the Australian government’s management of long COVID.
Discussion paper

Inquiry into Long Covid and repeated Covid infections: issues paper

This issues paper has been released to provide interested parties with an update on the Committee’s inquiry to date, and also to identify some of the issues and themes emerging from the Committee’s preliminary investigations and to highlight gaps and areas that the Committee intends...

The new frontier - delivering better health for all Australians

This report examines the opportunities to deliver better health care for Australians through our regulatory and health technology assessment process for both medicines and technologies.

Walking the allergy tightrope

Australia has been called the world’s ‘allergy capital’ because of the increases in rates of allergies and anaphylaxis over the last twenty years. As there is essentially no cure for allergies, it has become a significant public health issue - highlighted by the long waiting...

Bedtime reading: inquiry into sleep health awareness in Australia

This inquiry investigated policy, research, education and public investment concerning sleep health awareness. Recommendations include a national education and awareness campaign, a review of practices for for shift workers, improved access to related healthcare services and tests, and dedicated research funding.