Bang the Table

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International public participation models 1969-2020

In this blog post, Sally Hussey provides an essential public engagement resource compiling 60 international public participation models dating back fifty years to Arnstein’s influential ‘Ladder of Citizen Participation’.

Coronavirus and engaging cities: towards community recovery

What future lies ahead for cities and communities beyond the coronavirus pandemic? In this eBook, Canadian-based economic geographer and urban scholar, Shauna Brail, looks at lessons from lockdown and creative approaches to reopening and recovery.

The patient leadership triangle

Providing a practical engagement model, the author of this publication moves beyond the tick-the-box, patient feedback and representational approaches that serves to maintain status quo and preserve institutional authority.
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Community resilience: is empathy possible in an online world?

With crisis management, disruptions to a sense of belonging and rising digital dependency, Sally Hussey asks whether empathy is possible in an online world.

Climate chaos, cannabis, housing scarcity and deliberation: public engagement in 2019

With evidence-based case examples from the UK, Canada, USA and Australia, this e-book not only provides a commentary on issues that have challenged public engagement in 2019, but brings together the transformative potential of engaged communities.