Department of Water (WA)


Hester Dam Catchment Area: Drinking water source protection plan

Plan was developed to help protect the quality of water in Hester Dam and safeguard it for drinking water supply. The important recomendations in this plan are to: amend the boundary of the Bridgetown Catchment Area and rename it the Hester Dam catchment area remove...

Pilbara regional water supply strategy: a long-term outlook of water demand and supply

Strong growth in the resource sector has seen more water being abstracted at mine sites in the inland Pilbara region and hence an increased volume of dewater surplus to the mine requirements. At the same time, resource sector growth has driven an increase in water...

Prospective demand for water in the west Pilbara of WA

This study develops estimates of current and future water usage in the Pilbara. This information is to be used by the Department of Water in regional water planning processes for the Pilbara and to complement other work on the water resources of the region.