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Shooters Fishers and Farmers


Policy: Farming and land management

Farming and agriculture have been at the forefront of Australia’s development. For over 200 years, farmers have fed our growing population and provided an underlying economic cornerstone that has been vital to our social, economic and environmental development. Australian farmers are environmental stewards, who collectively...

Policy: Firearms

The Commonwealth Government has no Constitutional authority for the legislation and regulation of firearms laws other than those which apply to the Customs Act. Our firearms policies, Federal and State, should be based on one fact - criminals do not obey the law. As such...

Policy: Fishing

Fishing is one of Australia’s most popular recreational activities, with enormous economic, cultural and social benefits. Fishers have increasingly become victims of green bureaucracy gone mad, while true facts and statistics are repeatedly ignored. We believe sustainable and viable recreational and commercial fishing can exist...

Policy: Foreign affairs and society

Australia is an important player in the international arena. And as a first world country, we have moral obligation to assist less fortunate nations and peoples, particularly during natural disasters. However, this cannot be done at the expense of undermining domestic aid needs, border security...

Policy: Outdoor recreation and access

Australia is fortunate to have vast areas of public land and public waters that are suitable for recreational use. Recreational access to these areas is too often denied by governments in the belief that the environment and biodiversity will be degraded unless locked up. We...