Samara Centre for Democracy


The Samara Centre’s field guide to online political conversations

This resource brings together insights from the study of difficult conversations and the study of social media to examine what’s going wrong, why it matters, what government action we should expect, and how citizens can change the nature of online political conversations.

You have our attention: youth political engagement in Canada

This report examines differences across age groups in three areas of democratic participation: communication, formal political participation and community civic engagement. It also reflects on how youth may participate in the 2019 Canadian election.

Party favours: how federal election candidates are chosen

At a quick glance, local party democracy in Canada can appear strong, with grassroots members in each constituency gathering every few years to choose their candidate for the next election. This report examines how election candidates for Canada’s five major federal parties were chosen over...

Don't blame "the people": the rise of elite-led populism in Canada

The word populism is on everyone’s lips. It’s blamed for bringing President Donald Trump to power and causing Brexit. This report uses new data to help answer the question - is Canada having a populist moment? And if so, why is that a problem?