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2021 Review of the Disability Services Act 2011: consultation outcomes report

The Tasmanian government has recently undertaken a comprehensive review of the Disability Services Act 2011 to help deliver better outcomes for people with disability through high-quality and safe services. This report details what was heard through the consultation process about what needs to stay in...
Policy report

Aboriginal and dual naming policy

The purpose of this document is to provide advice and direction to the Tasmanian community about the application of Aboriginal names for naming Tasmanian geographic features and places.

Youth matter: a practical guide to increase youth engagement and participation in Tasmania

This guide was produced following wide ranging consultation with almost 400 young Tasmanians and delivers on Action #26 of the Youth at Risk Strategy. The guide highlights the barriers to youth participation and provides policy makers with ideas and insights on how services can encourage...

Improving the model for returning land to Aboriginal communities

This report summarises the responses to the questions outlined within the discussion paper, as well as key points and themes raised during consultation. Due to the number of submissions, not all comments can be referenced in this report.
Discussion paper

Discussion paper: Improving the model for returning land to the Aboriginal community

The purpose of this discussion paper is to provide information about Tasmania’s current model for returning land to the Aboriginal community, and to facilitate discussion about improvements or changes to this model.