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Pathways for Prosperity Commission

Owning Institution:

Positive disruption: health and education in a digital age

This report sets out a number of practical considerations for governments, industry, and civil society to consider as they work to embrace technology in a way that will drive the greatest gains in inclusivity, human well-being, and more equitable growth.

Digital lives: meaningful connections for the next 3 billion

This report explores how people in developing countries are actually using digital services. The report highlights how digital exclusion can exacerbate existing inequalities and how countries can ensure marginalised people, including women and those without education, are not left further behind.

Charting pathways for inclusive growth: from paralysis to preparation

This report examines the impact of technological innovation on growth, jobs and livelihoods in developing economies. This report outlines five possible pathways that developing countries could adopt for future inclusive growth and jobs for people living in poverty.