Taylor Fry


Not a level playing field: exploring issues of inequality

This report takes a broad review of inequality and its impact on society. It carries out an in-depth analysis to determine the role demographic factors, such as age, gender, disability, location, education and employment backgrounds play in determining inequality. It does this through decomposition of...

Economic cost of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability

Other authors
Kirsten Armstrong, Sarina Lacey, Grant Lian, David Qi, Nansi Richards, Tomas Berry
The Disability Royal Commission contracted Taylor Fry and the Centre for International Economics to cost violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation experienced by people with disability in Australia. This report documents the project’s findings, in line with the Commission's agreed scope of work.

Data-led approach to identifying skills shortages

The Productivity Commission asked Taylor Fry to provide this report scoping the feasibility of a data-based model of skill and occupational shortages in New Zealand.

The benefits of professional standards schemes – limitation of liability and consumer protection measures

This report examines and evidences the benefits delivered by professional standards schemes, using quantitative and qualitative measures. The report shows that professional standards schemes help improve risk management in the professions, which is to the benefit of Australian consumers, scheme participants and insurers.

Pathways to homelessness

The NSW Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) commissioned Taylor Fry to prepare this report, with support from stakeholder agencies. It presents a detailed investigation into what happens to people before, during and after homelessness.