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Garma 2018 festival report

The 2018 Garma Festival celebrated its 20th anniversary, hosted by the Youth Yindi foundation. This report outlines some of the festival's highlights.

Garma 2019 report

The 2019 Garma Festival, hosted by the Youth Yindi foundation, had nearly 40 companies and government agencies in attendance, with more than 450 participants, making 2019 the biggest attendance rate to date. This report outlines some of the festival's highlights.

Submission by the Yothu Yindi Foundation to the Productivity Commission’s Indigenous Evaluation Strategy

TheYothu Yindi Foundation's (YYF) submission provides a series of recommendations aimed at root and branch reform of the current system that now commodifies the disadvantage of Aboriginal people in favour of government, its agencies and service providers.
Conference paper

Garma Festival 2011 report

The 2011 annual Garma Festival was staged from Friday 5 August and the closing ceremony concluded the afternoon of Monday 8th August. The Key Forum theme was Academic Excellence & Cultural Integrity, a topic that flowed on from the 2010 Key Theme of Indigenous Education...
Conference paper

Garma Festival 2016 report

2016 Garma Festival Theme: The Land is our Backbone - 40th Anniversary of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act. This year's Garma Festival made some important progress on a number of issues which go to the heart of Indigenous well-being.