Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights


The Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights – formerly the Islamic Women’s Welfare Council of Victoria – was established in response to a need for culturally appropriate housing and domestic violence services for Muslim women.


Australian Muslims’ experiences of policing and surveillance

This study examines Australian Muslims’ perspectives and attitudes towards law enforcement agencies.

Supporting Muslim families and children in dealing with Islamophobia

This paper provides insights into the challenges confronting parents and their children who experience Islamophobia in Australia, highlighting that countering Islamophobia, discrimination and bigotry continues to be urgent and essential for the mental welfare of Muslim families and the wellbeing of society.

Islam and Muslims oppose violence against women

This guide is for all Muslim women who are experiencing or have concerns about family violence. It is also for the increasing number of Muslim community members who wish to be better informed about the nature of family violence, its impact on victims and on...

Child and forced marriage: a guide for professionals working with the Muslim community

This guide is on child and forced marriage (CFM) in Australia. It aims to provide accurate information on the nature of such marriages and their impact on women and families.

Marrying young: an exploratory study of young Muslim women's decision-making around early marriage

This research project was developed by the AMWCHR in response to an observed increase in the number of young Muslim women choosing to marry at a very young age. The project sought to examine factors leading to young women disengaging from education and employment, and...