Alzheimer’s Disease International


World Alzheimer report 2019

This report analyses findings of the world’s largest survey on attitudes to dementia, as well as expert essays and case studies from across the world. It provides recommendations for governments, agencies, civil society, policy-makers and local governments, to improve the experiences of people living with...

World Alzheimer report 2018

In a journalistic style, the World Alzheimer Report 2018 looks at a broad cross section of research areas including basic science; diagnosis; drug discovery; risk reduction and epidemiology. With the continued absence of a disease modifying treatment, the report also features progress, innovation and developments...

From plan to impact: progress towards targets of the global action plan on dementia

The report contains an update on dementia plans adopted and in development around the world, including progress towards target one of the global plan - for 146 WHO Member States to develop plans, policies or other frameworks on dementia by 2025.

World Alzheimer report 2016

The World Alzheimer Report 2016 looks at ways of improving the coverage, as well as the quality, of healthcare for people living with dementia, and the costs associated.

World Alzheimer report 2015

The World Alzheimer Report 2015 updates ADI's data on dementia's global prevalence, incidence and cost. By carrying out a full update of previous systematic reviews, the report makes key recommendations to provide a global framework for action on dementia.