Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict


Indonesia and the Rohingya crisis

This report looks at Indonesia’s efforts to respond to the late 2017 violence against the Rohingya that led to one of the largest, fastest refugee flows on record, with more than 700,000 people flooding into Bangladesh in a matter of weeks.

Post-Marawi lessons from Philippine detainees

Examines extremism in the Philippines by looking at seven suspects arrested in connection with the September 2016 bombing in Davao, and assess their patterns of recruitment and radicalisation, training, financing and coordination with other parts of the pro-ISIS coalition, especially with the Maute brothers who...

Policy miscalculations on Papua

This report looks at how Jakarta's policies have affected the independence movement in Papua, human rights investigations and local elections.

Marawi, the “East Asia Wilayah” and Indonesia

The battle for Marawi in the southern Philippines is likely to have long-term repercussions for extremism in Southeast Asia.

How Southeast Asian and Bangladeshi extremism intersect

Links between Bangladeshi and Southeast Asian extremists appear to be growing, fuelled by ISIS and increasing population movements across the region