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Toolkit for digital safety design interventions and innovations: typology of online harms

The increasing interconnectedness of the world through digital means brings both unparalleled opportunities and challenges. This typology categorises harms into content, contact and conduct risks, laying the groundwork for unified, global action.

Scaling smart solutions with AI in health: unlocking impact on high-potential use cases

This report highlights high-priority use cases for public-private collaboration in healthcare. It stresses the need for a common vision and actions to unlock AI's full potential for global health. The report identifies key areas where AI can make a difference, including disease detection, outbreak management...

Adopting AI responsibly: guidelines for procurement of AI solutions by the private sector

The demand for artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in enterprises has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. This report is a practical toolkit that considers the need for AI solutions to be closely aligned with business goals, ethical standards and regulatory requirements...

Reimagining digital ID

The result of an international collaboration involving more than 100 experts spanning the public and private sectors, this report provides tools, frameworks and recommendations for government officials, regulators and executives seeking to engage with decentralised identification (ID).

Future of jobs report 2023

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, changing worker and consumer expectations, and the urgent need for a green and energy transition are reconfiguring the sectoral composition of the workforce and stimulating demand for new occupations and skills. This report offers insights into these transformations and unpacks how...