Amnesty International

Position paper

Responses to COVID-19 pandemic must not ignore the climate crisis

In this public statement, Amnesty International calls on governments to apply maximum efforts to tackle the climate crisis urgently based on their obligations in human rights law.

"They are always watching"

The 2014 military coup marked the beginning of five years of tenacious efforts by the Thai authorities to silence the voices of human rights defenders, activists, journalists and opposition politicians, including online. This briefing draws from 18 interviews with human rights defenders, activists, politicians, lawyers...

COVID-19 and human rights: guiding principles for New Zealand

Amnesty International has created this briefing on human rights principles for the Epidemic Response Committee and other decision-makers in the immediate and longer-term.

Hong Kong: missing truth, missing justice

This report sets out the necessity and international legal framework for establishing a commission of inquiry to investigate the widespread human rights violations related to the protests that erupted in 2019. It also makes recommendations regarding the establishment of such a commission, including its composition...

Ending the targeted digital surveillance of those who defend our rights

Governments around the world are increasingly contracting the services of the private digital surveillance industry to develop technology for targeted digital surveillance. These tools are then misused to unlawfully target and put human rights activists under surveillance. This report outlines the impact on human rights...