Amnesty International

Position paper

Mental health and human rights of people on the move

This public statement from Amnesty International looks at the mental health needs of refugees and migrants, and highlights the inadequacies of current responses to them.

Out of control: failing EU laws for digital surveillance export

This report gives evidence of the gaps in the current European Union (EU) export regulation framework for digital surveillance technologies and provides the EU institutions and its member states with actionable recommendations to improve the protections of human rights.

Military Ltd: the company financing human rights abuses in Myanmar

In this report, Amnesty International provides new information exposing the link between Myanma Economic Holdings Public Company Ltd (MEHL) and military units that are implicated in crimes under international law and other serious human rights violations.

Daring to stand up for human rights in a pandemic

Many states around the world have targeted human rights defenders and other critical voices who have spoken up against their handling of the current COVID-19 public health crisis. This briefing brings together examples of these attacks.

Standing for humanity

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed yet again the frailty and inadequacy of government built on narratives of “us vs them”, of blame and fear. It is time to stand up to the politics of “us vs them”, to assert that we are one humanity. This...