Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (New Zealand)

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A review of the funding and prioritisation of environmental research in New Zealand

This report examines how public funds are invested in environmental research in New Zealand, and calls for an environmental research strategy to be developed by the Ministry for the Environment, and dedicated, long-term funding for environmental research to be ringfenced.

Restricting the production of fossil fuels in Aotearoa New Zealand

In 2018, the New Zealand Government decided not to grant any new petroleum prospecting, exploration and mining permits outside onshore Taranaki. The aim of this report is to extend the existing analysis by providing an assessment of what is known about the environmental effectiveness and...

Pristine, popular... imperilled?

This report addresses the environmental and cultural impacts of tourism and what ongoing business-as-usual growth could mean for the environment and the vulnerability of the tourism sector.

Focusing Aotearoa New Zealand’s environmental reporting system

This report is a detailed review of how well Aotearoa New Zealand reports on the state of its environment. The Commissioner has found that huge gaps in data and knowledge undermine our stewardship of the environment, and recommends concerted action and serious investment to improve...

Farms, forests and fossil fuels: the next great landscape transformation?

This report explores a different approach to framing New Zealand’s long-term climate change targets and policies, and what that could mean for the landscapes.