Parliamentary Library (New Zealand)


Final results for the 2017 New Zealand general election

This research paper summarizes differences between the preliminary (election night count) and the final election results, compares the 2017 election result with that of 2014, shows trends in voter turnout, and analyses the demographic makeup of the 52nd Parliament.

Trans-Pacific Partnership: parliamentary steps to ratification

This paper sets out the framework for parliamentary involvement in the process leading up to the ratification of an international multilateral trade treaty in each of the eleven remaining Trans-Pacific Partnership signatory countries.

Monetary policy and the policy targets agreement

Monetary policy is the process by which the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (the Reserve Bank) controls the money supply to ensure price stability in goods and services and confidence in the currency.
Fact sheet


This two page research paper provides a factual summary of migration trends and policy in New Zealand.

Troop deployments abroad: parliamentary consent

Examines some significant deployments of New Zealand troops overseas during the last 25 years, and summarises the legal requirements in comparable countries for governments to obtain parliamentary consent to deploy troops. Introduction In New Zealand there is no legal requirement for the government to obtain...