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2016 predictions: it's the end of the world for APTs as we know them

This report suggests predictions for the coming years with a focus on Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), digital crime and security, the future of the Internet, the future of transporatation, and cryptographic standards.

Consumer security risks survey: from scared to aware - digital lives in 2015

Introduction In 2015, just under half (43%) the world’s population has an Internet connection: 3.2 billion people, compared to 2.9 billion in July 2014. The Internet brings communications, shopping, entertainment, news, education, work and more to anyone, anytime, anywhere and on any device. But our...

The rise and impact of digital amnesia: why we need to protect what we no longer remember

The internet and internet-enabled devices have transformed our everyday lives and relationships. We entrust them with our precious personal information including contacts and images and rely on them to connect us to a vast repository of knowledge, anytime, anywhere. As part of its commitment to...