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A new choice: Australia’s climate for growth

In this report, Deloitte Access Economics constructs a view of the Australian economy where the physical damages to the environment cause damage to the Australian economy if there is inaction, or mis-action, in preventing climate change.

Estimating the economic impacts of lowering current levels of income support payments

This analysis, by Deloitte Access Economics, suggests that the federal government's planned cuts to the coronavirus supplement for people on JobSeeker, Youth Allowance and parenting payments could see the economy lose $31.3 billion and 145,000 full-time jobs over the next two years.

Aged care reforms: projecting future impacts

Understanding how potential reforms might impact on the operations of the sector, its workforce and required levels of funding are important parts of the overall picture of the future of aged care in Australia. With that in mind, the Royal Commission asked Deloitte Access Economics...

The value of informal care in 2020

Informal, unpaid carers provide care to others in need of assistance or support, and are usually friends or family of the person in need. This report estimates the total value of informal care provided in Australia today and examines the implications of demographic trends and...

New Zealand space economy: its value, scope and structure

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) engaged Deloitte Access Economics to define and map New Zealand’s space economy and estimate the contribution it makes to New Zealand’s economy.