Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee

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Social Services Legislation Amendment (Drug Testing Trial) Bill 2018 [Provisions]

This report recommends that the Department of Social Services should establish and publish the evaluation strategy of the drug testing trial prior to the trial's commencement, and that the outcomes of the trial be publicly released.

National registration and accreditation scheme for doctors and other health workers

This report makes a number of recommendations to the Australian Health Workforce Ministerial Council in relation to the the proposed national registration and accreditation scheme. It includes a minority report by the Coalition senators and additional comments by the Greens senator.

Therapeutic Goods Amendment (Repeal of Ministerial Responsibility for Approval of RU486) Bill 2005

This committee report canvasses a variety of views on the legislation but does not make any recommendation as to whether it should pass. The committee’s sole recommendation is that increased financial support be provided to improve sex education, make birth control measures more widely available...

Provisions of Employment and Workplace Relations Legislation Amendment (Welfare to Work and Other Measures) Bill 2005 and Family and Community Services Legislation Amendment (Welfare to Work) Bill 2005

Following the 2004 federal election, the prime minister indicated that ‘income support for those of working age will be linked to employment programmes and services to reduce welfare dependency and increase workforce participation’. This report examines the resulting legislation and makes recommendations for amendments. It...