Australian Medical Association


Antimicrobial resistance: the silent global pandemic

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the most serious global public health threats of the 21st Century. This paper argues that now is the time for strong and sustained action on antimicrobial resistance, as this may well be the cause of the next global pandemic.
Position paper

AMA’s plan to improve access to GPs

This document outlines practical and implementable solutions to support GPs to spend more time with their patients, provide more care, and deliver better health outcomes though comprehensive and evidence-based care.
Discussion paper

Discussion paper: a whole of system approach to reforming private healthcare

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) invites interested people and organisations to make a submission in response to this discussion paper on a whole-of- system approach to reforming the private healthcare system.

AMA Private health insurance report card 2021

The AMA’s 2021 Private Health Insurance Report Card highlights the trends that exist for private health insurance and the impacts and problems these trends continue to cause.
Policy report

A tax on sugar-sweetened beverages: modelled impacts on sugar consumption and government revenue

The management of the obesity crisis in Australia is a national and economic priority, and Australia’s response to it must be commensurate with the breadth of its prevalence and and major impacts it has on individuals and society. This report outlines economic modelling of the...