Parliamentary Budget Office (Australia)


Alternative financing of government policies: understanding the fiscal costs and risks of loans, equity injections and guarantees

This report examines trends in the use of alternative financing arrangements, explains how these arrangements relate to the Commonwealth budget and identifies possible enhancements to budget reporting to support public understanding.
Briefing paper

Behavioural assumptions and PBO costings

This information paper explains the Parliamentary Budget Office's (PBO's) approach to determining the behavioural assumptions applied when estimating the cost of policy proposals.

2019 Post-election report of election commitments

The 2019 Post-election report provides the budget impact of each of the election commitments made by the major parties in the 2019 general election, and the total combined impact of their policy platforms on the Commonwealth budget.

2019 Post-election report of election commitments

This guidance note provides information on the 2019 Post-election report of election commitments, including arrangements for engagement with parliamentary parties.

2019–20 Budget snapshot

The Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) has produced this 2019-20 Budget snapshot, which provides a graphical summary of information contained in the 2019­–20 Budget.