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Parliamentary Budget Office (Australia)

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Guide to the 2023-24 Budget

These guides to navigating the Commonwealth Government budget papers explain where to find key information in a non-technical way.

Beyond the budget 2022-23: fiscal outlook and scenarios

This report presents the Parliamentary Budget Office’s independent projections for the balance sheet, major fiscal aggregates, and revenue and expense categories across the medium term (2026-27 to 2032-33). It also includes a scenario analysis of Australia’s long-term fiscal sustainability to 2062-63.

2022 Election commitments report

The 2022 Election commitments report provides the budget impact of each of the election commitments made by the major parties in the 2022 general election, and the total combined impact of their policy platforms on the Australian government budget.

Guide to the 2022-23 Budget

This guide to navigating the Commonwealth Government budget papers explains in a non-technical way where to find key information in the budget papers.

Bracket creep and its fiscal impact

'Bracket creep' is a term that describes a situation where income growth causes individuals to pay higher average income tax rates each year. This explainer examines the impact of bracket creep from the perspective of both individuals and government finances.