Liberal Party of Australia


Liberal Party of Australia: Review of the 2022 federal election

In May 2022, the Federal Executive of the Liberal Party of Australia requested a review of the reasons behind the Party’s defeat at the 2022 federal election, and to make recommendations to assist the Party in rebuilding. This report outlines the findings from that review.

Liberal Party of Australia: our plan

This webpage provides access to a range of policy initiatives that the Liberal Party is taking to the 2022 federal election.

Protecting our environment

This web page outlines how the Liberal Party intends to protect Australia's natural environment.

Our plan to support Indigenous Australians

This document, released a few days before the 2019 Federal election, addresses the Morrison Government's plan to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians to provide the same opportunities as for every other Australian.

A safer Australia: a secure future

A plan launched by Prime Minister Scott Morrison which "sets out plainly what a re-elected Morrison Liberal Nationals Government will continue to do to keep Australians safe and secure".