Australian Sex Party


Government funding of religious schools

The government should not subsidise the activities of organisations that actively exclude members of society on the basis of otherwise protected attributes. End government funding for religious schools that discriminate against potential and current students on the basis of religious affiliation. The Australian government contributes...

Animal welfare and cruelty

Responsibility for animal welfare is shared across the three tiers of government with each state and territory having its own animal welfare and animal cruelty legislation. Depending on the state or territory, members of the RSPCA and other charitable organisations are deputised to enforce animal...

Humane processing of asylum seekers

Australia’s system for responding to asylum seekers is cruel, dangerous and inefficient. It costs the country over $4 billion per year and takes an untold toll on the psychological and physical health of a group of people most in need of safety and support. The...

Australian head of state

The Australian Sex Party supports the abolition of the British Monarch as Australia’s constitutional Head of State and the establishment of an independent, sovereign republic with an Australian Head of State.

LGBTIQ asylum seekers

On an international level, Australia performs well regards to its treatment of its LGBTIQ citizens. This standard of treatment does not, however, extend to LGBTIQ asylum seekers in Australia’s care. They routinely face humiliating and unnecessary scrutiny, are outed in front of fellow asylum seekers...