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Advice on recycling and resource recovery infrastructure – April 2020

Victorians are passionate about recycling but some have lost confidence in the system, with around a quarter of people we polled thinking the contents of their recycling bins ends up in landfill. This report identifies Victoria’s specific infrastructure needs in the waste management sector.

Recycling and resource recovery infrastructure

Infrastructure Victoria has released its early findings for public comment in developing advice to government on how Victoria can build a better recycling and resource recovery industry. This paper outlines the options that are available.
Discussion paper

Growing Victoria’s potential: the opportunities and challenges of Victoria’s population growth

Victoria is growing faster than at any other time in the state’s history and Melbourne is forecast to soon become Australia’s most populous city. Victoria has a remarkable opportunity to harness its growing population and thrive in an increasingly competitive global economy. Realising this transformational...

Advice on automated and zero emissions vehicles infrastructure: evidence base report

This paper provides an overview of the evidence that Infrastructure Victoria will consider in developing its final advice to the Victorian government on the infrastructure requirements for highly automated and zero emissions vehicles in Victoria.

Five-year focus: Immediate actions to tackle congestion

This paper identifies key problem areas now, and in the future, on Melbourne’s transport network, and examines what can be done over the next five years to improve travel time and reliability.