Western Australian Auditor-General


Fraud prevention in local government

This audit found that many local governments have not assessed their fraud risks, and do not have comprehensive fraud management plans and programs. Most could do more to educate their staff on integrity polices and controls to reinforce anti-fraud messages and consider fraud risks in...

Access to state-managed adult mental health services

This report contains the findings from the performance audit of access to Western Australian state-managed adult mental health services.

Management of Crown land site contamination

This audit assessed whether the state’s unallocated Crown land and unmanaged reserves are being effectively managed to minimise human and environmental health risks from contamination on these sites.

Agency gift registers

The focus of this audit was to determine if agencies had suitable policies and practices in place for the management of gifts received. Gifts were defined as any item of value, including goods, services, money or hospitality offered to or received by an employee, without...

WA Auditor General’s report: WA state tourism strategy 2020

This report outlines why the Western Australian Auditor-General feels there is still time for Tourism WA to achieve its goal of doubling tourism spend - although it will be challenging.