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The Mandarin


Why government agencies forget

Organisational memory loss impacts negatively on the performance of government agencies. It can lead to weaknesses in policy, service delivery and the craft of the public servant. By understanding its causes, public sector organisations can reduce memory loss.

What are the merits of royal commissions and other forms of inquiry?

They are highly effective at exposing wrongdoing, but do they influence policy development? A two-stage approach might be more effective, say the authors.

The passion for making a difference is our greatest asset ‒ and we must preserve that

APS review panel member and Coca-Cola Amatil Australia chief, Alison Watkins, reveals her observations of the public service and dwells on the role of business in contributing to the reform debate.

What we can learn from Indigenous success in the USA

Many Indigenous communities in the USA have used tribal self-determination and access to land to build an economic base and deliver benefits to their people. While the circumstances in the USA differ from both Australia and New Zealand, two US experts believe that some of...

‘Policy made on the run does not have a good track record’, says the brain behind Grattan

Governments aren’t doing the research needed to underpin rigorous policy development, worries Grattan Institute CEO, John Daley.