Business Council of Australia


The Business Council of Australia represents Australia’s largest employers, advocating for good policy on behalf of the business community and the Australians they employ.


Sunshot: Australia’s opportunity to create 395,000 clean export jobs

This report argues that Australia has a natural advantage to make the most of future opportunities in clean energy exports, with an abundance of solar and wind energy, and the metals and minerals required for the energy transition.

Achieving a net zero economy

The Business Council of Australia supports achieving a net zero emissions economy by 2050. This paper sets out a proposed transition pathway and a set of policy recommendations to enhance coordination across governments, regulators, industry and the community to deliver economic dividends for all Australians.
Position paper

Be smarter about managing the virus

Protecting the health of Australians must remain the nation's number one priority. This paper argues that a smarter, consistent and more predictable approach to restrictions would help reduce the economic and social costs of managing the COVID-19 pandemic.
Discussion paper

Living on borrowed time

This discussion paper has been prepared to trigger widespread consultations with the broader community about Australia's economic future.

Shifting gear: three steps to safely, quickly and permanently reopen Australia

This strategy report from the Business Council of Australia provides three clear steps to reopen the country and let people get on with their lives.