Senate Environment and Communications References Committee


Australia’s faunal extinction crisis: interim report

This interim report is focussed on the effectiveness of the EPBC Act as a legislative framework for managing the Australian environment, rather than its implementation. The committee recognises that evidence canvassed serious shortcomings with the implementation of the Act and other related areas, such as...

Allegations of political interference in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

This report discusses the events in 2018 that led to the termination of the managing director's employment and resignation of the ABC Chair, and also examines allegations of political influence in the operations and broadcast policies of the ABC.

Economic and cultural value of Australian content on broadcast, radio and streaming services

This inquiry report outlines the current state and operation of the Australian television and music industry, including competition issues relating to the relative market power of producers and broadcasters for traditional, streaming and 'catch- up' viewing.

Rehabilitation of mining and resources projects and power station ash dams as it relates to Commonwealth responsibilities

The bulk of this report deals with issues relating to the rehabilitation of mining and resources projects in Australia. Issues relating to the rehabilitation of power station ash dams, examined under the inquiry's expanded terms of reference, are dealt with in a standalone chapter of...

Great Barrier Reef 2050 Partnership Program

An inquiry into the 2018-19 Budget measure, the Great Barrier Reef 2050 Partnership Program.